Volunteer in Calais

Jungle Books

Jungle Books – taken by Chris Cox in Calais

Volunteers are still sorely needed in Calais. Around 5,000 people still live in the ‘Jungle’ refugee camp following the destruction of the southern part of the site in March. Volunteering is richly rewarding and also very enjoyable. It includes sorting and distributing donations, working in the food kitchen and building shelters.

L’auberge des Migrants/Help Refugees organise and distribute much of the aid in Calais and Dunkirk, and it is through them that we recommend you volunteer. To volunteer, follow the steps below:

  • If you’ve volunteered already and would like to do so again, use this form to let them know when you will be there from.

www.calaidipedia.co.uk is the place to go to find out about the current situation in Calais and to answer any questions you have regarding volunteering there. Join the facebook group to get further updates and to speak to others volunteering.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions from Calaidipedia.

Any questions that aren’t answered above, email [email protected].

Donate to Calais

Donations are also urgently needed in Calais. View the list of current needs and make sure to email [email protected] before any delivery so they know to expect you.

Volunteer in Dunkirk

Following a request from the Mayor of Dunkirk, Médecins Sans Frontieres have built a new camp for refugees in Dunkirk that adheres to international humanitarian standards. Residents of the new Grand-Synthe camp however are entirely dependent on the support of volunteer organisations.

Volunteers are urgently needed in the camp to ensure that the aid available for the new camp is accessible to its residents.

Utopia 56 is the key volunteer organisation that coordinates volunteering in the camp. Volunteering in Dunkirk covers a range of tasks which change on a daily basis and you will need to be adaptable.

Utopia56 provide volunteers with cheap and shared accommodation whether in a mobile home, at a local’s house or in a dorm, for €5 a day. Register to volunteer with them here.