Europe’s response to refugees

In Europe we often view the current refugee crisis as one big issue, encompassing Syria, her neighbours and all of Europe. Daniel Trilling argues against this narrative – two separate crises are taking place, one involving Syrian refugees and one in European border policy.

Trilling walks us through both crises. The various waves of refugees leaving Syria, the history of routes into Europe and how different countries have responded to this.

Trilling spent the past two years interviewing refugees and other migrants from across the world, exploring why people attempt such arduous and dangerous journeys. What he finds is a myriad of reasons, far beyond the often simple explanations offered by politicians and the press.

While the future might look bleak, with Europe’s leaders repeatedly failing to save lives, establish a meaningful solution for those fleeing persecution and conflict or alleviate the concerns of Europeans, he ends on a slightly positive note. By playing an active role in the refugee crisis, volunteering, donating, even simply vocalising our feelings, we can enact real change as we challenge our political leaders to do better.

Read his essay here.