Perceptions and misconceptions

It’s easy for us to judge other people without taking into consideration the real struggle they may face, whether it be a homeless person on the street or a preconception on somebody’s religion.

This short video: addresses a variety of sociological issues surrounding the historical, geographical and political situation in Syria. It also discusses the negative elements of the refugee crisis such as crime, extremism, employment and education. The video debunks these accusation, especially those that are in fear of Europe becoming an Islamic state or a caliphate. This is dismissed, and shows that even if the EU allowed all refugees and 100% of them were Muslim, it will only rise from 4% to 5%. It later states, the majority of refugees will look for employment, and will start to integrate themselves into the working world, and contributing more to the social systems rather then extracting from them.

This video is an excellent educational tool, and a gives a simple chronological factual timeline outlining not only the situation, but the social implications that affect the refugees, and their journey fleeing persecution.