The Dubs Amendment: what’s the situation?

After 2015 saw the biggest movement of people since the Second World War, desperate people have continued to seek refuge in Europe in the subsequent months. In 2016 alone, over 5,000 unaccompanied children arrived by sea in Greece, and in Italy it was 5 times that, with over 25,000 arriving by sea. The Calais ‘Jungle’ […]

After Calais – what’s the situation?

The way that the ‘jungle’ Calais refugee camp was demolished and dismantled can only be characterised as messy and poorly executed. Hundreds of unaccompanied and vulnerable children were left without any information from British and French authorities, and any information that was given, was often complex, incorrect or poorly relayed. 1,500 Children were forced to […]

The importance of celebrity advocacy

For my second piece, I would like to focus on an incredible advocate for the refugee crisis in the mainstream media. When I was growing up, Lily Allen was referred to by my parents as ‘the London girl who would wear Nike Air Max with a prom dress’. I remember quite noticeably on one occasion […]

News update – 03 February ’16

Our weekly news update on refugee issues around the world by Isobel Fraser. Follow Isobel on Twitter @isobelfraser1   An independent report has found advice issued by the Home Office, identifying Eritrea as a safe country of return for asylum seekers, to have been based upon misleading and biased information. The report criticised the Home […]

News Update – 13 January ’16

Our weekly news update on refugee issues around the world by Isobel Fraser. Campaigners prepare to launch a legal challenge against the Home Office on the grounds that the Government has been failing to fulfil its obligations towards refugees with close family members in the UK. Advocates accuse the Government of ignoring a clause in […]