News Update – 16 March ’16

Our weekly news update on refugee issues around the world. The past fortnight has seen the dismantlement of around half the ‘Jungle’ refugee camp in Calais. Following a court order last month, prefecture officials began ordering people to leave their shelters, built by camp residents and volunteers, before they were taken apart. Authorities assured NGOs […]

February Campaigns 2016

February Campaigns Reunite Refugee Families Refugee Action has launched a campaign urging the UK to expand its refugee family reunion rules to ensure people’s loved ones are able to join them safely. Take their quiz to find out if your family would be able to join you if you’d found sanctuary in the UK, read Abebe’s experience […]

Indefinite Detention: ‘Happening on your doorstep’

This was a speech delivered by Souleymane of the Freed Voices group to Jewish community members who gathered at the JW3 centre on October 7 ’15 to determine how best to respond to the ongoing refugee crisis. It was first featured on Detention Action page and can be read here.   Good evening ladies and gentlemen. My […]

Refugees Welcome? Indefinite Detention in the UK

Sam Grant is Campaigns and Programme Manager for Rene Cassin, the Jewish voice for human rights. What is the issue? This year has seen the greatest refugee crisis since the Second World War. Amid heated debate about the UK’s response, the shameful truth is that Britain is the only country in Europe where asylum-seekers are […]