Let all who are hungry come and eat

The refugee “crisis” in Europe has spurred many into action and there are plenty of people in our own Jewish community are eager to help those in need. JVN Director Leonie Lewis here gives her perspective on the situation and sees how now, when Passover is upon us, we should be even more aware of the […]

Why we should support refugees this Mitzvah Day

Edie Friedman is Executive Director of the Jewish Council for Racial Equality. Mitzvah Day is this Sunday 22nd November. Click here to find out how you can get involved. This article first appeared in the Hendon & Finchley Times. Media coverage of the ongoing refugee crisis is diminishing, but the reality is that it remains very […]

Reach out in care, compassion & friendship

This is a Yom Kippur sermon, written and delivered by Rabbi Margaret Jacobi, rabbi of Birmingham Progressive Synagogue. 23 September 2015/10 Tishri 5776. The first Yom Kippur morning sermon I gave in this Synagogue was about the duty to protest.  I quoted the words of our Haftarah: ‘Cry aloud, do not hold back; let your voice […]

What I do for a living – A Befriending Co-ordinator

Malte Gembus is the Mentoring and Befriending Co-ordinator at The Jewish Council for Racial Equality (JCORE). Whenever I’m being asked what I do for a living, I usually take a long breath because I know I’m in for a long haul. I usually try to sum it up with something along the lines of “I […]

Impressions from Calais

Holly Kal-Weiss volunteered in Calais for the second time last week. If you would like to join her in volunteering in Calais, visit our Volunteer in Calais page to find out how to get involved. My second weekend to support refugees was very different from the first. I went the first time with trepidation, excitement and […]

Reflections from the NNLS asylum drop-in

Deborah Koder co-founded and co-ordinates the New North London Synagogue drop-in for asylum seekers. Taking place once a month, the drop-in supports asylum seekers in the UK, offering them a range of services, as well as food, clothing and supermarket vouchers. Read more about it here.   To say I was moved to help by […]

Keep the door open

This is a Rosh Hashanah sermon, written and delivered by Rabbi Jeremy Gordon, rabbi of New London Synagogue. Delivered 14 September 2015/1 Tishri 5776. Read the original posting of this sermon and more sermons by Rabbi Gordon here. I gave a sermon earlier this year. It was after the death of one of my heroes, Sir Nicholas […]

Reflections from Calais

Nic Schlagman is the Community Projects Manager at West London Synagogue and recently visited The Jungle in Calais with a number of volunteers from Marom.   It is not easy to find the correct words to describe our recent visit to the refugee camp in Calais. Despite now numerous conversations with friends and colleagues the right […]