Britain must be a land of compassion

after calais

The so-called Calais Jungle has now been cleared of refugees – many of whom have nowhere to go I recently received an anonymous letter: “That’s how you repay us for letting your parents in, by campaigning for more refugees to come here?” the writer asked rhetorically, before explaining that Jews know “how to play the […]

Plugging the employment gap

Paul Anticoni is Chief Executive of World Jewish Relief, the UK Jewish community’s international humanitarian agency. This article first appeared in the Jewish News. Read it here. Maya fled Syria in 2013 after her husband was killed in the conflict. She spent two years in a refugee camp in Turkey struggling to get by with her three […]

Reach out in care, compassion & friendship

This is a Yom Kippur sermon, written and delivered by Rabbi Margaret Jacobi, rabbi of Birmingham Progressive Synagogue. 23 September 2015/10 Tishri 5776. The first Yom Kippur morning sermon I gave in this Synagogue was about the duty to protest.  I quoted the words of our Haftarah: ‘Cry aloud, do not hold back; let your voice […]

Refugee Crisis Update from World Jewish Relief

Richard Verber is Campaigns Manager for World Jewish Relief, the UK Jewish community’s international humanitarian agency. In the evening of September 2 pictures started to circulate round the world of one boy: Alan Kurdi. His image would grace the front cover of nearly every British newspaper the next day. Three years old, from Syria, he died […]