An update from Calais

This is a crosspost from Facebook

Back from the Jungle today.
The work people are putting in at the new warehouse is extraordinary.
The ongoing work to make the distribution more efficient and more human is quite incredibly moving – with distributions turning into street parties.
The goodwill and energy of the people in the Jungle from all parts of the world is exhilarating.
The power and purity of the demonstration today was an inspiration.
This is the bright side.
The dark side is.
Someone died again on the train last night and many others were injured.
The shelters are letting in water and there is flooding in many places.
The sanitation is dangerously inadequate.
People are getting sick, exhausted and desperate.
The numbers increase every day.
Every time we go it is harder to leave.
There is never an end to what needs to be done.


If you want to know more about groups going to Calais, and how you can get involved then we suggest you join one of these two Facebook groups where you can meet lots of similar people.

Help Calais

Calais – People to People Solidarity – Action from UK

We are involved in a group going down on Thursday October 1st. Be in touch through the site if you want to know more