Nobody deserves to live this way!

An independent inquiry into the situation of separated and unaccompanied minors in parts of Europe has found that there are serious risks of trafficking and exploitation facing unaccompanied children.

The report says that : ‘Children, who are not yet here, are facing daily risks and dangers which simply would not be tolerated if they were visible to us all. Many put themselves in harm’s way because they see no alternative, without trusted adults around them they are vulnerable to exploitation and without access to any legal system and safe routes to come to the UK where many have close relatives, they, instead, depend on criminals and smugglers to make the journey.’

JCORE submitted evidence for the report based on accounts from the young people who are part of the JCORE Unaccompanied Minors Project (JUMP)

“JCORE has witnessed that parents send their children due to desperation to find sanctuary elsewhere because the children and young people’s lives are already at risk. Narrative accounts from the children and young people that we work with bear testimony to the fears that lead parents to send their children to safety; such as being forced into armies; facing sexual threats; facing persecution because of the political involvement of parents.

As one example, Hamid from Afghanistan, who has a JUMP befriender, was sent to the UK because the Taliban had tortured him when he refused to fight for them. There are few travel options other than paying agents in the hope they will accompany children over sections of arduous journeys”

Read the full report here