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July 2019 – we are currently in the process of making some changes to this website as a lot of the information currently on this site is somewhat out of date. Do check back frequently for updates.

Nobody deserves to live this way!

An independent inquiry into the situation of separated and unaccompanied minors in parts of Europe has found that there are serious risks of trafficking and exploitation facing unaccompanied children. The report says that : ‘Children, who are not yet here, are facing daily risks and dangers which simply would not be tolerated if they were visible […]

The Refugee Crisis In Calais: Forgotten But Not Gone

It had been about five months since my last visit to Calais, volunteering in the warehouse and visiting the ‘Jungle’ camp. Hundreds of volunteers lined the warehouse in September 2016 sorting the generous donations that had been sent to aid refugees in Calais. The mood in the camp was tense, the refugees very aware of […]

The Dubs Amendment: what’s the situation?

After 2015 saw the biggest movement of people since the Second World War, desperate people have continued to seek refuge in Europe in the subsequent months. In 2016 alone, over 5,000 unaccompanied children arrived by sea in Greece, and in Italy it was 5 times that, with over 25,000 arriving by sea. The Calais ‘Jungle’ […]

Jewish community expresses dismay as British government turns its back on child refugees

Communal leaders have signed a joint statement expressing their disappointment in the government’s decision to stop allowing child refugees into the UK under the ‘Dubs amendment’ to the Refugee Act. Lord Dubs – himself a child refugee on the Kindertransport to Britain in 1938 – proposed the amendment to the Immigration Act (2016); asking that […]

Migration Map

Migration is a fact of life. Throughout Jewish history, there have been mass movements of Jews and all peoples around the world. Where is your family originally from? Click the ‘plus’ sign in the corner of the map below (not the zoom one) to add a pin to the location where your family is originally from, […]

After Calais – what’s the situation?

The way that the ‘jungle’ Calais refugee camp was demolished and dismantled can only be characterised as messy and poorly executed. Hundreds of unaccompanied and vulnerable children were left without any information from British and French authorities, and any information that was given, was often complex, incorrect or poorly relayed. 1,500 Children were forced to […]

The importance of celebrity advocacy

For my second piece, I would like to focus on an incredible advocate for the refugee crisis in the mainstream media. When I was growing up, Lily Allen was referred to by my parents as ‘the London girl who would wear Nike Air Max with a prom dress’. I remember quite noticeably on one occasion […]

Britain must be a land of compassion

after calais

The so-called Calais Jungle has now been cleared of refugees – many of whom have nowhere to go I recently received an anonymous letter: “That’s how you repay us for letting your parents in, by campaigning for more refugees to come here?” the writer asked rhetorically, before explaining that Jews know “how to play the […]

Calais Update: Evacuation of the Camp

On Monday 24th October, French authorities initiated the process of demolishing the Calais camp. On Monday morning residents of the Jungle queued from the early hours to board buses to accommodation centres around France. Little information was known by those directing the eviction, and the press and charity organisations on the ground were often the only source […]