News Update – 16 March ’16

Our weekly news update on refugee issues around the world. The past fortnight has seen the dismantlement of around half the ‘Jungle’ refugee camp in Calais. Following a court order last month, prefecture officials began ordering people to leave their shelters, built by camp residents and volunteers, before they were taken apart. Authorities assured NGOs […]

News Update – 29 February ’16

Our weekly news update on refugee issues around the world by Isobel Fraser. Follow Isobel on Twitter @isobelfraser1   A judge has ruled in favour of razing a large section of Calais’ “Jungle” camp, after initially postponing the judgement due to largely divergent estimates of residents living in the section, made by French authorities, and […]

Refugees and the Human Rights Act

How might repealing the Human Rights Act impact upon refugees and asylum seekers in the UK? With a British Bill of Rights still proposed by the government to replace the Human Rights Act (HRA 1998), some rights currently enjoyed by all residents in the UK could be under threat. Ben Brodie explores how repealing the […]

News update – 03 February ’16

Our weekly news update on refugee issues around the world by Isobel Fraser. Follow Isobel on Twitter @isobelfraser1   An independent report has found advice issued by the Home Office, identifying Eritrea as a safe country of return for asylum seekers, to have been based upon misleading and biased information. The report criticised the Home […]

News Update – 15 December ’15

Our weekly news update on refugee issues around the world by Isobel Fraser. Aid agencies have reported that thousands of refugees are stranded in insanitary conditions in a remote region along the Jordanian- Syrian border. The vast majority of the refugees are reported to be women and children in need of increased water, food and […]

Now It’s Our Turn

Debora Singer MBE is the Policy & Research Manager at Asylum Aid and has worked extensively with women in the asylum system. Asylum Aid is an independent, national charity which works to secure protection for people seeking refuge in the UK. They provide free legal advice and representation to the most vulnerable and excluded asylum seekers. Along with many other Jews, […]

Why we should support refugees this Mitzvah Day

Edie Friedman is Executive Director of the Jewish Council for Racial Equality. Mitzvah Day is this Sunday 22nd November. Click here to find out how you can get involved. This article first appeared in the Hendon & Finchley Times. Media coverage of the ongoing refugee crisis is diminishing, but the reality is that it remains very […]

Upon Arrival

Ben Wright is Education Co-ordinator at the Jewish Council for Racial Equality (JCORE). Since the summer refugees have been a constant fixture in British news broadcasts and publications. Whether the reports have left us feeling empathy, anger, frustration or emptiness, it has been a topic near impossible not to engage with. Yet the images we’ve often […]

Letter from Berlin

Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg is Senior Rabbi of Masorti Judaism UK and rabbi of New North London Synagogue. He visited Berlin with IsraAID to find out more about their work with refugees living in Germany. This piece first appeared in the Jewish Chronicle. Read it here. I’m shown a child refugee’s drawing of the journey to Europe. It’s […]